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Mission and values

We are a government co-educational secondary school in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, catering for compulsory and post compulsory aged students from years 7 to 12 with a great culture for learning achieving high levels of school performance, the sum of every student succeeding as our goal.
Although our main focus is on academic goals, we also offer many cultural and sporting opportunities for our students. 'Four pillars of learning' in Academic, Sport, Cultural & Community guide our curriculum and teaching and learning and defines opportunity and means of educating the 'whole child'. The four pillars also provide an identity and sense of belonging for every child to explore their natural talents, provide challenge, and bring everyone together in the greater school community.
Our school fosters and encourages each individual and our school is known for its inclusiveness, good student discipline and a sense of fair play. Our core values are:
·         Respect for the school, for other people and for self.
·         Achievement - achievements are supported and celebrated.
·         Excellence - the pursuit of excellence and personal best is always encouraged.
·         Learning is a personal activity; people learn in different ways and learning is a lifelong pursuit.
o    Learners in our community should be encouraged to achieve to their maximum learning potential and participation and achievement should be acknowledged wherever possible.
o    A person's self-concept and self-management skills affect the ability to learn and setting high standards and expectations raises personal performance.
o    Learning should take place in a caring environment and equip students to be effective contributing members of Australia's society.
·         The education of our students is the responsibility of the total school community.
·         The provision of quality teaching develops of all facets of a student’s character.
·         The management of human, financial and material resources fairly and equitably and at reasonable cost to parents which meets the needs of students.
·         Living the principles of social justice and safety.
·         School rules are derived from explicit standards of expectations. All members of this community follow a code of conduct. Students are expected to commit to very high standards.
·         Dress and appearance
o    We are a uniform school from head to toe every single day.
·         Behaviour
o    Students know that their behaviour is monitored in classrooms, in the playground, before and after school, and whilst on excursions.
·         Work habits
o    We ask that students give of their best. If they need help with their work, we are more than happy to assist.