Student Handbook

An outline of day to day school operations, rules, requirements and policies can be found in our Student Handbook (PDF, 1.4MB)


International Student Testimonial:

"I've been a student at Mount Gravatt State High School since 2017. For me, this was a life changing experience and the start of the most meaningful, memorable chapter of my life. I arrived in Australia in 2015, but it wasn't until 2017 that I felt secure in my English, due to all the MGH teachers who worked tirelessly to help me speak and understand this second language. My ambitions grew broader from there, and I began to aspire for things that were outside of my comfort zone, such as high grades, joining social clubs and, most significantly, chasing my leadership aspiration at school. Therefore, I am extremely thankful for being a part of Mount Gravatt state high and getting all the supports from every single staff member in the school. Additionally, I'm sure that all my peers out there, especially the international students would also get the same amount of supports that would lead them into a great future forward". 

By Holly Nguyen (from Vietnam)

"Living away from home and studying abroad is a tough journey. It is the supportive environment and caring teachers at MGH made this experience enjoyable. I am truly thankful for the guidance and education I received here and I feel nostalgic thinking back to MGH. My advice to international students is: communicate with peers and teachers, support each other and don't be afraid to seek help when you need it. Wish you all enjoy your high school life. - Rebecca Gong, 2018 graduate".  

By Rebecca Gong (from China) 

“At MGH, there are many great opportunities for international students to try new things that they have never experienced before. As an international student, I enjoy studying in this school. Every single teacher is very responsible and will spend the entire lunch time solving all your problems. The study environment in MGH is marvellous, all the students work extremely hard. At MGH, the faculty resources are fantastic, teachers will patiently explain difficult problems to you. All the people at MGH are very friendly. When I was in this school for the first year, my English was poor. It was my teachers and friends who helped me get through it. I'm really grateful to them. My advice to new international students is to take every opportunity, because in this way you can learn knowledge, so you won't waste the high tuition that your parents pay for you. That's all for today. I hope you can have a better future by studying at MGH. Good luck."

​By James Guo (from China)

"It was 2017 when I first arrived in Australia. Everything was strange and hard to understand since English was not my first language. It was until grade 5 that I could be able to understand things and talk to friends on my own. I learned a lot in high school. With the help of the teachers, I could be able to understand more difficult words. Being an International student in Mount Gravatt High school was a brilliant experience. Although we have to pay a lot of school fees, but I still like it. We don't have to pay again for the high-cost sports or any activities. The most important, we get to have picnic and have fun! Other non-international students probably wouldn't have that amazing experience. It was so happy and excellent as an International student at Mount Gravatt High". 

By Lucy Zhu (from China)

Last reviewed 13 July 2022
Last updated 13 July 2022