Student Handbook

An outline of day to day school operations, rules, requirements and policies can be found in our Student Handbook (PDF, 1.4MB)


Mount Gravatt High School is a nice school. In the breaks, teachers are very friendly and students are very polite. I love Mt Gravatt School very much.” Jay, China Year 12.

“Mount Gravatt is a fantastic school. This school makes me feel happy to study here. In addition, here is a good study environment. Teachers and students make me confident to study in a foreign country. They are so friendly to us. Lastly this school is more impressive than other schools.” Joanne, Hong Kong Year 11.

“After three years I still feel excited and happy to be in this school. It has provided me with many opportunities, especially making new friends from different countries, getting help from teachers and big smiles from all of the Principals.” Sophea Virak, Cambodia Year 12.

“This is my first year overseas with different languages and cultures. I have encountered many difficulties such as independent living and culture shock. However, the teachers and students from school and my Aussie homestay family, have helped me out of my troubles. I believe international students enjoy Mount Gravatt High. We are having fun! Cheers, my friends!” Lucy Zhou, China, Year 11.

“Three years is not a short period of time, but it flew with light year speed. They say time flies when you are having fun, and that is definitely the case for me. Teachers are patient and generous whilst students are friendly and diligent. I would like to thank Mount Gravatt High for this three year experience, which I will value my entire life." Liza Zhang, China, Year 12.

“My parents sent me to Australia to study because the education and environment here are better than in China. School is quiet so we can study hard. We do enjoy our lives here." Smiling Han, China, Year 10.

Hello, my name is Risa Tahara and I am the Mt Gravatt High International Student Leader for 2012. I think Mt Gravatt High is better than other schools. The people are really nice, every time I don’t understand something, people will help me and teachers sometimes use their whole lunch hour to help me and if I want to talk they just talk to me for a long time. This is the same for all international students. At first, it is hard to talk to the local students. Sometimes other students think we will not understand them and we do not, but it takes time to make the friendships and relationships. We listen to the Aussie students, learn what they are saying, and practice our English and one day it gets better. For international students it can be frightening at first in the classes, we do not know whether people will like us or be able to understand our English. We have to try and when we try, other students get to know them and then us like us. My advice to all students is never give up because if you give up you will miss opportunities and if you don’t give up you will gain new friends, self-confidence to do anything and go anywhere, your English will be better and it’s better to know all kinds of different students, not just from your own country. Good luck.” Risa Tahara.

Last reviewed 12 March 2021
Last updated 12 March 2021