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​​In this section you can you can find out about Mount Gravatt High P & C Association and  past students can join Mount Gravatt High Alumni.
Mount Gravatt High are very proud of our community associations with local organisations and businesses. We work closely with Mt Gravatt Men's Shed, Mount Gravatt Environment Group, and have fabulous support from Mt Gravatt Rotary and Lions and businesses such as Bunnings Warehouse.  

Mount Gravatt High School - after-hours entry to school grounds

Our existing policy regarding entry into the school grounds for all students, parents and visitors, which has been in place for many years, expects all students, parents and visitors to enter the school grounds via the Loreburn, Stourbridge, Roblyn and High Street entrances.

Entrance via the school oval or another means is not part of this policy. We have this policy as a safety measure to prevent injury, support students safe travel in and out of our grounds and as a measure to monitor who is accessing our school grounds and take action if we have unwelcome intruders into our grounds.

We also have a policy that students are not able to access our school oval or basketball courts before and after school unless part of an organized coaching program supervised by a teacher. This is due to the fact that the school is unable to provide supervision of these areas before and after school.

As you would be aware the school has, in recent years, erected a fence around the building footprint of the school. In conjunction with the school community, it was decided by the school not to fence the school oval to allow community access to and stewardship of the school oval out of school hours. This will continue to be school policy, however access to our basketball courts will be restricted and more use will be made of our fence and gates to ensure our policy of access to the school is upheld.

From March 21 2023 the gates on our school oval, including the oval road gate, the basketball courts gate and the gate to the oval steps will be locked from 2.40pm to 8.30am each day. All students, parents and visitors will be expected to enter the school grounds via the street entrances, as above, and in line with our existing policy.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

QDU Debating at Mount Gravatt High 

Where to park?

Street parking is available along High Street, Roblyn Street, and Creighton Street. Please do not park on the school grounds as the site is locked and alarms are armed. Signage will direct you to K Block.

Where are the Debates held?

The debates are held on the ground floor of K Block (easiest entrance is from the driveway on the corner of Roblyn Street & Creighton Street). Staff will direct you to specific rooms.

Map and directions:​


Please park outside school grounds and use this entry to avoid being locked in. 

Last reviewed 22 March 2023
Last updated 22 March 2023