Mission and values


​Our Mission

At Mount Gravatt High School, we believe that every students' success, is best achieved in an environment that supports student and teacher wellbeing and builds resilience. This provides an opportunity for Mount Gravatt High students to develop a growth mindset, be active citizens in their learning environments and develop mutual respect and connectedness to each other, the staff, the school and the wider community.

We acknowledge the diverse nature of our students and in doing so are committed to providing a safe, respectful, disciplined learning environment for all students and staff, where students feel socially and emotionally secure and have opportunities to engage and connect to quality learning experiences.

We continually reflect on how our school performs and seek to take learning and achievement of every child from “good" to “better" to assist every student to reach their learning goals and post school success regardless of their chosen pathway.

Our Student Values

ValueCharacteristicsBelief Statements
Growth mindset
  • Resilience
  • Risk-taker
  • Self-reflective
  • I believe that my social and emotional well-being is critical to positive academic and behavioural outcomes, and helps me to willingly approach new situations, people or experiences with confidence.
  • When I am challenged and engaged, I believe that I will learn from my mistakes and grow.
  • I believe that I need to set goals and reflect on my progress to learn and grow, and therefore be able to celebrate my successes.
  • Empathy
  • Respect and Connectedness
  • Safety
  • Peer Champions - encourage others
  • I believe it is important to treat others with care and compassion, and to try to understand other people's views, and that this helps me to become a responsible and helpful member of the school.
  • I believe it is important to conduct myself in a respectful manner at all times, treating others in a considerate, fair and courteous manner while being honest, reliable and trustworthy. I should respect myself, others and the school.
  • I believe that it is important to always conduct myself in a safe manner and that this enhances my social, academic, physical and emotional development.
Active citizenship
  • Proactive learning
  • Critical and creative thinkers
  • Global perspective and sustainability
  • I believe that being proactive in my learning by being motivated to learn, taking responsibility, showing initiative and managing my time appropriately, will allow myself to take control of my learning and develop life-long learning habits.
  • I believe critical and creative thinking will help me to become an active citizen who can inspire and innovate.
  • I believe that if I have the skills to inspire and innovate, I can shape and define the future and value my role in a diverse society.

Our Staff Values

ValueCharacteristicsBelief Statements
Safe and supportive environments
  • Diversity
  • Environments that encourage progress
  • Constructive feedback
  • Clear and explicit expectations
  • Community
  • Student voice
  • We believe that actively valuing diversity and striving for an environment that encourages progress creates a community in which we all thrive.
  • We believe that upholding high expectations is supported by giving and receiving respectful feedback.
Intentional collaboration and positive relationships
  • Connectivity
  • Inclusion
  • Engagement
  • We believe individual life experience creates opportunities for collaborative engagement.
  • We believe that prioritising positive connections impacts an inclusive and productive environment.
Personal and professional growth
  • Self-reflection
  • Growth mindset
  • Life-long learning
  • Innovation
  • Accountability
  • We believe that self-reflection and life-long learning leads to personal and professional growth.
  • We believe that having a growth mindset leads to being accountable, innovative educators. 

Our Four Pillars​

We strive to foster core values and beliefs through our Four Pillars of Learning; Academic Performance, Cultural, Sport and Community to create a sense of belonging and enable every student to develop and thrive and be recognised for their individual strengths.


Working collaboratively to ensure every student achieves academically, socially, and emotionally to become lifelong learners, responsible citizens, and champions of their own success.


Providing a vast subdivision of cultural and creative arts encompassing Visual Arts, Drama, Music and Dance, where students can express their creativity and imagination.


Modelling dedication and motivation to assist and inspire students in the pursuit of sporting excellence.


Fostering a community-learning environment dedicated to building respectful and responsible citizens. 


Last reviewed 01 March 2023
Last updated 01 March 2023