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​If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please contact the school and we will provide a copy via the school office.
Folder: 1 to 1 Laptop Program Folder1 to 1 Laptop Program Folder1 to 1 Laptop Program Folder
Folder: CurriculumCurriculumCurriculum
Folder: Enrolment FolderEnrolment FolderEnrolment Folder
Folder: Instrumental ProgramsInstrumental ProgramsInstrumental Programs
Folder: PandCPandCPandC
Folder: School Policies Document FolderSchool Policies Document FolderSchool Policies Document Folder
Folder: Stationery ListsStationery ListsStationery Lists
Folder: VET FolderVET FolderVET Folder
2019-2020 Uniform Bookings and  Information.pdf019-2020 Uniform Bookings and  Information2019-2020 Uniform Bookings and Information498 KB
MGH Student Handbook 2016 - VET.pdf2016 MGH Student Handbook - VETMGH Student Handbook 2016 - VET115 KB
Scholarship Opportunities Mount Gravatt High in 2016.pdf2016 Scholarship Opportunities Mount Gravatt HighScholarship Opportunities Mount Gravatt High in 201660 KB
usi-fact-sheet-parents.pdf2016 USI Fact Sheet  (PDF 462KB)usi-fact-sheet-parents462 KB
vet_rto_complaints_appeals_MGH.pdf2016 VET RTO Complaints Appeals (PDF 86KB)vet_rto_complaints_appeals_MGH86 KB
2017 P and C Membership Form.pdf2017 P and C Membership Form2017 P and C Membership Form41 KB
2017 Senior Secondary Studies Guide.pdf2017 Senior Secondary Studies Guide2017 Senior Secondary Studies Guide937 KB
2017 snapshot-report.pdf2017 snapshot-report2017 snapshot-report208 KB
2017_special_provisions_form.pdf2017 Specical Provisions Form2017_special_provisions_form778 KB
2017 Year 10 Subject Booklet.pdf2017 Year 10 Subject Booklet2017 Year 10 Subject Booklet702 KB
2017 Year 8 and 9 Subject Booklet.pdf2017 Year 8 and 9 Subject Booklet2017 Year 8 and 9 Subject Booklet663 KB
2017-annual-community-planning-day-summary.pdf2017-annual-community-planning-day-summary2017-annual-community-planning-day-summary213 KB
2018 Investing for Success - MER - Mount Gravatt State High School.pdf2018 Investing for Success - MER - Mount Gravatt State High School2018 Investing for Success - MER - Mount Gravatt State High School78 KB
2018 snapshot-report.pdf2018 snapshot-report2018 snapshot-report190 KB
2018_Yearbook.pdf2018 Yearbook2018_Yearbook41826 KB
2019  PandC membership application.pdf2019  PandC membership application2019 PandC membership application637 KB
adp-application-2019.pdf2019 ADP Applicationadp-application-2019875 KB
2019-booklist-year 10.pdf2019 Book and Stationery List Year 102019-booklist-year 10272 KB
2019-booklist-year 11.pdf2019 Book and Stationery List Year 112019-booklist-year 11275 KB
2019-booklist-year 12.pdf2019 Book and Stationery List Year 122019-booklist-year 12278 KB
2019 booklist-year 7.pdf2019 Book and Stationery List Year 72019 booklist-year 7245 KB
2019-booklist-year 8.pdf2019 Book and Stationery List Year 82019-booklist-year 8250 KB
2019-booklist-year 9.pdf2019 Book and Stationery List Year 92019-booklist-year 9265 KB
2019 IM Handbook.pdf2019 IM Handbook 2019 IM Handbook970 KB
next-step-summary-report.pdf2019 Next step summarynext-step-summary-report225 KB
2019-2020 Uniform Shop Extended Hours.pdf2019-2020 Uniform Shop Extended Hours2019-2020 Uniform Shop Extended Hours192 KB
2019-continuing-or-new-senior-byo-student-srs-form.pdf2019-continuing-or-new-senior-byo-student-srs-form2019-continuing-or-new-senior-byo-student-srs-form84 KB
2019-continuing-student-srs-including-laptop-form.pdf2019-continuing-student-srs-including-laptop-form2019-continuing-student-srs-including-laptop-form82 KB
2019-srs-terms-and-conditions-vo.1.pdf2019-srs-terms-and-conditions-vo.12019-srs-terms-and-conditions-vo.1129 KB
2020 Uniform Price List.pdf2020 Uniform Price List2020 Uniform Price List427 KB
adp-application-2020.pdfadp-application-2020adp-application-2020893 KB
Alumni Membership Application form-2019.pdfAlumni Membership Application formAlumni Membership Application form-2019344 KB
Alumni Membership Application form (2).pdfAlumni Membership Application form (2)Alumni Membership Application form (2)200 KB
bookmark.pdfBookmarkbookmark85 KB
canteen-menu-term-4-2018.pdfcanteen-menu-term-4-2018canteen-menu-term-4-2018343 KB
e-book.pdfe-booke-book1030 KB
Important Letter to parents.pdfImportant Letter to parentsImportant Letter to parents168 KB
mgh-gazette-issue-001.pdfMGH Gazette Issue 001mgh-gazette-issue-0015076 KB
MGH Gazette Issue 6.pdfMGH Gazette Issue 6MGH Gazette Issue 6884 KB
MGSHS Curriculum Overview V2.pdfMGSHS Curriculum Overview (PDF 541KB)MGSHS Curriculum Overview V2541 KB
Mobile Phone and Electronic Devices Policy v3.pdfMobile Phone and Electronic Devices PolicyMobile Phone and Electronic Devices Policy v395 KB
mount-gravatt-high-gazette-issue-4.pdfmount-gravatt-high-gazette-issue-4mount-gravatt-high-gazette-issue-41528 KB
mount-gravatt-high-late-to-school-policy.pdfmount-gravatt-high-late-to-school-policymount-gravatt-high-late-to-school-policy92 KB
Mt Gravatt SHS 2014 DA ES.pdfMt Gravatt SHS 2014 DA ES (PDF 281 KB)Mt Gravatt SHS 2014 DA ES282 KB
Our Plan 2018 (PDF).pdfOur Plan 2018 (PDF)Our Plan 2018 (PDF)421 KB
PandC membership application form.pdfPandC membership application formPandC membership application form87 KB
Price List 2019-2020.pdfPrice List 2019-2020Price List 2019-2020158 KB
pricelist-2018.pdfPricelist-2018pricelist-2018158 KB
Promotional Video.aviPromotional VideoPromotional Video24240 KB
Prospectus 2018.pdfProspectus 2018Prospectus 2018606 KB
Prospectus 2019.V2.pdfProspectus 2019Prospectus 2019.V21118 KB
QBR Notification letter_Holland Park.pdfQBR Notification letter_Holland ParkQBR Notification letter_Holland Park171 KB
qparents.pdfqparentsqparents196 KB
qparents-nomination-form.pdfqparents-nomination-formqparents-nomination-form196 KB
Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students.pdfResponsible Behaviour Plan for Students Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students422 KB
Revised Athlete Development Application 2018-V2.pdfRevised Athlete Development Application 2018-V2Revised Athlete Development Application 2018-V2563 KB
school improvement unit_mount gravatt state high school-executive summary-2018.pdfschool improvement unit-mount gravatt state high school-executive summary-2018 (002)school improvement unit_mount gravatt state high school-executive summary-2018427 KB
school improvement unit-mount gravatt state high school-review report-2018.pdfschool improvement unit-mount gravatt state high school-review report-2018school improvement unit-mount gravatt state high school-review report-2018497 KB
school-based-youth-health-nurse-infographic-aug-2017.pdfschool-based-youth-health-nurse-infographic-aug-2017school-based-youth-health-nurse-infographic-aug-2017187 KB
Senior Secondary Studies Guide 2018.pdfSenior Secondary Studies Guide 2018Senior Secondary Studies Guide 2018758 KB
senior-subject-guide-2019.pdfSenior Subject Guide 2019senior-subject-guide-20191280 KB
Senior Subject Guide 2020.pdfSenior Subject Guide 2020Senior Subject Guide 20201135 KB
STEM - Program of Excellence.pdfSTEM - Program of ExcellenceSTEM - Program of Excellence343 KB
STEM Program of Excellence EOI.pdfSTEM Program of Excellence EOISTEM Program of Excellence EOI180 KB
MGH Student Handbook 2016v2 - VET.pdfStudent VET Handbook (PDF 116KB)MGH Student Handbook 2016v2 - VET116 KB
summer-menu-term-1.pdfSummer Menu Term 1summer-menu-term-1796 KB
the-great-book-swap.pdfThe Great Book Swap the-great-book-swap28 KB
The new qce_Assessmentv5.pptxThe New QCS AssessmentThe new qce_Assessmentv53862 KB
Uniform Pricelist 2019-2020.pdfUniform Pricelist 2019-2020Uniform Pricelist 2019-2020157 KB
USI Handout-2017-08-02.pdfUSI HandoutUSI Handout-2017-08-02157 KB
VET Student Handbookv6_2019.pdfVET Student Handbookv6_2019VET Student Handbookv6_2019769 KB
Volunteer Roster Request.pdfVolunteer Roster RequestVolunteer Roster Request99 KB
Year  9 Subject Booklet 2018.pdfYear  9 Subject Booklet 2018Year 9 Subject Booklet 2018345 KB
year-10-subject-information-booklet-2019.pdfYear 10 Subject Information Booklet 2019year-10-subject-information-booklet-2019934 KB
Year 7 Handbook.pdfYear 7 HandbookYear 7 Handbook997 KB