Student Resource Scheme and Laptop Program



Student Resource​ Scheme

Mount Gravatt State High School operates a Student Resource Scheme, (SRS) including to provide parents/carers with a cost effective alternative to purchasing textbooks, laptops and/or resources.

The objective of the scheme is to provide a convenient and cost-effective way for students to access the educational resources necessary to enhance their learning experience at school. 

SRS Benefits 

The scheme ensures that students have the resources required for them to engage with the curriculum for their education, and saves parents time and money in sourcing the prescribed materials elsewhere. Savings are gained through the school's bulk purchasing practices and hiring arrangements.  The scheme is not used to raise funds for other purposes, and revenue collected through the scheme is applied only to the resources and operation of the scheme.

SRS Inclusions

All resources included in the SRS, including a detailed breakdown of resources provided and their associated costs, are detailed in the links below, for each year level. 

Year 7    Year 8    Year 9     Year 10    Year 11    Year 12 

Students participating in the scheme will receive many resources required in the course of their studies, including:

  • Textbooks required for each subject
  • Prescribed consumable resources for subjects studied
  • Laptop
  • IT application
  • Software and access to online programs used in place of textbooks or other learning resources
  • Printing
  • Reference materials and teacher-prepared material which complement and/or substitute for textbooks
  • Basic consumables for Art, Home Economics, Industrial Design & Technology
  • Student ID card, for use outside of school.

SRS Participation Fee

The contribution fee for the SRS including take home laptop for 2022 has not yet been determined; however in 2021 the contribution was $620 per student per annum.  This also includes the TRA component​ which has been deducted to reduce the SRS fee payable.

This scheme provides the entire package for a set fee and is not available in parts.

Laptop Program Included in SRS

Mount Gravatt High 1to1 laptop program has seen a lot of change in the way that student’s access technology and also in the way teachers are delivering teaching in the classroom. 

Given the success of the program and large financial investment the school has made to the upkeep of devices and also the whole school infrastructure we desire to ensure the long term viability of the 1 to1 Laptop Program.

BYO Laptop Program for Year 10 - 12 Only

As such the school has introduced a BYO program for Senior School (Years 10-12). The Junior School (Years 7-9) will continue with a school provided device.

With the introduction of a BYO program in Senior School parents and students will be given the opportunity where they can choose a device from Education Queensland approved vendors and access special pricing and additional warranty and insurances not available to the retail market. These devices are fully owned and remain your personal property. 

Parents of Senior Students can access the Education Queensland approved vendors online purchase portals via the links below:

Acer  - Please note the Acer BYO portal is currently down we are working with our provider to have this restored as soon as possible.


Login Details:
Access Key:  mtgravattshs   PIN:  parent

Please also have a read of the information guide that will answer most questions you may have in relation to the schools policies around the BYO laptop program.

BYO Parent Information Guide.pdf

Please note the following processes when purchasing a BYO device:

  1.  Select one of the available DELL or ACER devices from the above web portal links. 

  2. Each of these devices include 3 year next business day onsite warranty as well as accidental damage protection.  Please have a read of the relevant documentation that outlines the policy i.e. what is covered and what is not. 

  3. Once you have placed an order through the website direct with the manufacture it will take approximately 2 weeks for delivery (over Christmas period delivery can take up to 4-6 weeks).  

  4. ​Delivery will be to your nominated address i.e. home 

  5. All laptops will come with the standard manufacture software only i.e. windows operating system 

  6. When your laptop arrives please bring it to the IT help desk at school where we will install all of the required school software. 

  7. BYO devices will throughout the year continue to be supported by the IT help desk in the same way school provided devices have always been serviced.  The IT department will continue to troubleshoot minor software issues with the students and should a manufacture warranty or accidental damage claim need to be logged we will provide a report home for parental permission before we log a job on your behalf.  This enables the school to be the central place for all issues including warranty and or damages to be repaired without requiring a technician to come out to your home.

Should you have any questions please send​ email to

Note:  Information is being updated regularly.  Please check this page for updates.  

Last reviewed 29 July 2021
Last updated 29 July 2021